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la piccola lucia sansbury pesava solo una sterlina dopo che era nata prematuramente.She was so small that she was kept alive in a sandwich bag by doctors at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, England who did their best to keep her a scarpe adidas live and help her grow.”The tiny infant needed emergency treatment to repair her bowel and laser surgery to save her eye sight,” says the Plymouth Hera scarpe adidas ld newspaper.”She was so tiny that medics had to improvise by placing her in clear plastic sandwich bag to keep her warm.The family also asked people to donate money to the Cots for Tots appeal, which buys specialist incubators, and Derriford Hospital.It may be years before they know if Lucia is suffering from any long term problems.Emma said:”Lucia’s lungs are really good but we won’t know if there are any other problems for possibly years.”Lucia is lovely and when scarpe adidas your baby has had to fight just to survive, you are just glad you have them regardless of what problems may scarpe adidas come.”Mr Rajasri, a consultant in maternal and fetal medicine who specialises in high risk pregnancies, said:”They were an incredible family to worke sono stato molto coraggioso.